Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe another week has gone by and the Holidays are practically here. Hopefully our gift guide last week helped you all out. I know it helped me just writing it.


We say that at Aaura we are a “curated modern men’s clothing collective” but we wanted to show you a little bit more about five brands that we carry that you need to know. We have searched for brands all over the planet to find clothing that we think our customers will like and that not only fit in with our brand aesthetic, but are well-made quality pieces.


Nana Judy is a brand that originated in Melbourne, that has taken the “basic” out of basic clothing pieces. This sweatshirt is one of my favorite pieces that we carry.

By switching up the neckline and fabric of a traditional sweatshirt they have created a totally different and less casual look without sacrificing the comfort. That is good design work, and you will find that in all of our Nana Judy items.


Cheap Monday is a brand that started in Stockholm, and has found success all over the world. They are known for their denim, but we are loving their shirt and sweater options.


I wish you could feel these shirts because they are so soft, just hearing about it doesn’t do them justice. Luckily you can order them, and if you don’t like them (which I don’t think will happen) you can return them for free.


Handsome Me is another brand from Australia that we are so proud to stock. They are known for their unique and creative prints, and you can see why. This one is my personal favorite, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

When you wear one you can be pretty sure that you won’t show up to a party wearing the same thing as someone else, which in my book is priceless.


Rollas is a classic brand that specializes in denim. I’m so glad we are carrying it for these cooler winter months because these pieces are perfect for layering. In fact I may buy this jacket for myself because I think it would fit well in an wardrobe, including a woman’s.

Status Anxiety is a brand that creates simple, user-friendly goods out of premium leather.


People Like Us Blk Leather Pack Premium calf leather Premium calf leather Adjustable shoulder strapsEvery single product we carry from them would be useful for almost any man. That is a huge statement, but seriously from the phone cases to the bags they are all functional and still stylish. 


Hopefully it was helpful learning a little bit more about these brands and where they come from. We are always looking for the right brands and pieces to carry for you, and hope you are enjoying the selection.


Until next time…