As a man, it can be hard to figure out what you should and shouldn’t wear when it comes to accessorizing. Accessories can sound a little too feminine for most men, but it’s important to remember everything is in the details, especially accessories. Accessories are what can make or break an outfit on both men and women. Most men don’t look for the details when it comes to how they dress. Most men don’t care how they appear when they leave the house and when they do, they put a little too much effort into looking good, then they are made fun of for it. At Aaura, we provide an online shopping experience for men that’s unlike any other store. We know there’s a fine line between overdoing how you look and not doing enough. You want to give out the right vibe, which can be hard to do when you don’t know how to dress or accessorize properly. At Aaura, we provide online shopping for men that’s easy and geared toward males who like to show off their own individuality in their style. If you enjoy modern men’s clothing and urban wear for men, then you’ve come to the right place.

Four Must-Have Male Accessories

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the best way to accessorize. We know the importance of having appropriate accessories with your outfits, which is why we wanted to share with you some great tips to ensure you look 110 percent every time you leave the house. If you want to stand out more and show your individual style, then try to incorporate an accessory into at least one outfit a day. When it comes to men, accessories are vastly different than female ones. While you shop at Aaura, you’ll be able to locate high-quality accessories that will attract that special someone. Some of the accessories you can work into your everyday wardrobe are wallets, belts, bags, and watches to name a few. If you’re interested in finding accessories to go well with your outfit, then check out each of these categories and learn how to wear them with a certain finesse.


Wallets aren’t made for only holding money. Wallets come in many different styles and can be used to match your outfit or make yourself stand out from a crowd. Generally, men only have one wallet that they use, which is fine, but you need to make sure it’s a wallet you’re proud to show off. If you’re on a nice date with that special someone, you don’t want to pull out a wallet that looks as if it’s falling apart or a wallet that has cute little cartoon characters on it. You need to find a wallet that’s geared for your age range and you’re proud to show off when you go out. Check out our large selection of wallets that are geared for the urban man.


Watches make a beautiful, large statement. If you watch fashion shows, you’ll notice that most of the male models wear watches. Watches make a great statement to show how you’re able to do a few things. First, wearing a watch shows you’re able to afford a watch. Second, it’s able to show you’re able to flash an accessory without working too hard. Third, a watch makes your outfit pop with style. A watch says you care about being on-time and you’re able to accessorize well. There are many different types of watches out there and to figure out the best type to wear it depends on the occasion. Our watches are all geared for a special occasion, business casual, or for a more laidback look. Consider what colors you wear most and then decide what watch would look best with your wardrobe.


Belts are a little more complicated. Depending on the weather, season, and the occasion, wearing a belt can almost be a headache. The first rule of wearing a belt: your shoes and your belt must match when a formal occasion is taking place. Belts are also optional. If you wear a slimmer pant leg, then you probably don’t need a belt and at this point, it is more for looks than actual necessity. Belts also allow you to add some creativity to your outfit. Some of the belts we offer are black and tan. Our belts can be used for necessities to actually keep your pants up or they can be used to make your outfit stand out more than the other men in the room.


You’re probably not going to be wearing your bag every time you go out, but if you bring a bag to work or on a short weekend vacation, then you need to find a bag that suits your style. The bags we offer range from light to dark and can be used as a modern version of a briefcase. When you pick a bag, you should make sure it’s a type of bag that’s able to go with a large portion of your wardrobe and allows you to be diverse in your style.

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