Send Winter Packing

The months of bundling up are soon to be behind us. Spring has made itself know, and summer is slowly catching up, signaling the onslaught of tee shirts, tanks, cut offs, and crews; you know, essential bohemian clothing for men. While we can’t argue that our designer jackets for men wouldn’t look great on you, we’d have to raise some eyebrows if you’re still sporting that denim jacket well into spring or summer. If you’re still donning that overcoat because your current cluster of clothes isn’t quite viewer-friendly, then we’ve got you covered. True to our tradition, AAURA is ushering in new and attractive urban wear for men who want to look, feel, and exude their best. We’re talking about stylish striped tees, uniquely patterned prints, and original overshirts for the stubbornly cold mornings that refuse to take a hint that their time is up. Ready to learn more about the new modern clothing for men from AAURA? Then read on to get the details on which of our items fit your unique style.


Not-So-Everyday Offerings

You’ve seen them before: the mass-produced “designer” clothes that seemingly every third guy at the show is wearing. AAURA’s not about that. If we’re going out, we’re looking our best; whether it’s at a local show, the brewpub, or a music festival (sidenote: check out our stylish line of Coachella essentials to keep you looking cool in the desert), we’re wearing original shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, and/or accessories that set us apart from the masses. And as we dive deeper into the new music festival season, we’re seeing more and more of the same ol’ same ol’. If you’re looking to replace last year’s tee shirts, crews, tanks, or other spring and summer styles, don’t fall victim to boring, derivative duds; AAURA’s got you covered for everything you need to stand out from the crowd of followers.


Music Festivals Favorites

It’s far from a secret that the United States is a massive, sprawling country. And within this behemoth lies distinctly unique landscapes, peoples, and cultures — and we all have to be from somewhere, right? Accordingly, AAURA’s distinct line of modern men’s clothing offers ample opportunity for you to add some flare to your wardrobe for your music festival forays. Want some specifics? Consider this: Coachella and Bonnaroo are two of the nation’s largest and most popular festivals that have been growing in both attendance and household name status over the past several years. And for good reason; some of the world’s biggest and most talented artists, bands, and performers make festival circuit stops on these massive gatherings. Moreover, these festivals take place in two of the country’s warmest regions, albeit these regions possess drastically different climates. Fortunately, AAURA has you covered on all the climate-appropriate threads you need to tune in and stand out.


Coachella Choices

We know it’s a shocker, but Coachella’s home is located in one of the more drier regions in the country. And so, you’re (ideally) not going to want to be wearing any overly thick or heat-trapping garments. We’re not talking about jackets or sweaters, but about those thick and scratchy tee shirts from indistinguishable, mass-marketed assorted three-packs. If you’re aiming to look hot but stay cool, check out our urban camo crew tee, designed to blend you into the city, not the crowd. Or, if you’re look for a more upscale look, consider our black floral short sleeve button-up, crafted for and inspired by the desert landscape.


Bonnaroo Basics

Tennessee’s most popular music festival doesn’t just involve music, but also intriguing art and an annual crowd that refuses to accept mundane or watered-down acts and artists. Similarly, AAURA refuses to follow the norm. If you’re looking for breathable and relaxed cuts to keep you cool and comfortable in the southern summer heat, take a peek at our capped white tee. Its lightweight design is perfect for staying cool in the sweltering sun or shade. Or, if you’re looking to add some stripes to your look, our Nana Judy Time Stripe Tee is perfect for standing out while not looking too flashy (we’re looking at you, neon tees). In short, AAURA’s got your back with festival favorites within our full line of urban wear for men.


Ditch Your Dated Duds: Upgrade to AAURA

Every item in our stylish line of modern men’s clothing is designed for style and functionality. While we don’t hide our love of urban wear for men, we also love leaving our concrete jungles for some open spaces and festival action. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then AAURA is your go-to for urban sophistication and festival fun. Have questions for us? Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to quell your concerns. Now, kick back, relax, and select some style for your summer lifestyle.