Say Goodbye to Boring: Modern Takes on Classic Casuals

In a not-so-distant past, casual clothing wasn’t exactly synonymous with style. Even still, “casual Fridays” are often marked by wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing wrong with that; we’re all about comfy tees and tops over here. However, we’re also in the business of providing stylish and comfortable casual clothing that doesn’t adhere to the now-common casual Friday uniform. Moreover, who wants to wait for Friday to be comfortable? Whether you’re on the clock or on vacation, AAURA Everything has you covered on all the casual essentials you need to further express your unique style, every day of the week. How? For starters, AAURA offers smart, modern designs and cuts, curated to bring you the best in casual comfort and style. Yet, we at AAURA know shirts aren’t the sole feature for style and comfort. Accordingly, this blog highlights some of our favorite casual shirts, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, and accessories. Each of these broad categories gives you ample freedom to mix and match, with seemingly endless pairings and options. Don’t believe us? Check out our proudly-designed and -crafted line of clothing and accessories and decide for yourself. Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about how AAURA’s signature style was born with your style in mind.


Button-Ups & Bottoms Up: Stylish Shirts for the Office, Bike, & Brewpub

We think it’s a bit absurd to lump all shirts that pass as casual into one category. Afterall, “casual” isn’t just a sub-category; it’s a state of mind and permeates through your daily routine and personality. Think that notion’s a tad lofty? Riddle us this: if you’re decked out in clothing that allows you to function well, look your best, and feel your most comfortable while performing your required duties or soak the most out of your day off, do you not exude a bit more confidence? Do you not feel more relaxed, yet ready to take on the day? If you answered ‘no’ to these, then, well, we see fashion very differently. Yes to one or more? Then you’ve landed at the right place for online shopping for men. Our versatile button-up shirts are designed and created to bring you modernized classics and revolutionary styles, perfect for presentations, deskwork, and dressing a cut above at the brewpub. Moreover, we refuse to follow the path already cleared; our lovingly crafted styles, cuts, and colors that are as unique as your personality and style. Specifically, AAURA utilizes colors and patterns you’d be hard-pressed to find from another clothing company, affording you the opportunity to mix and match shirts with our other equally unique tops and accessories.


Don’t Hunker Down: Bundle Up & Conquer the Day

The earth may be getting hotter, but we’re far from witnessing thick tops’ and jackets’ obsolescence. AAURA’s fine line of quality jackets and sweaters is designed to keep you warm, functional, and fashionable whether you’re in or out of the office. Specially designed for urban environments, our jackets and sweaters offer stylish protection from wind gusts and bitter chills that love to hang around the city. Moreover, we know all-too-well the hassle lugging a heavy coat around can be. That’s why many of our jackets are designed with transportability in mind; crafted with high-quality fabric for low-maintenance care, our jackets will keep you moving forward throughout the day, without the added bulk and burden of a heavy winter jacket. And whether you’re taking on the challenges of a Stockholm winter or layering up for an unpredictable Colorado winter’s day, our sweaters are the perfect compliment to your AAURA jacket. Each sweater is created to offer the warmest experience possible, all while leaving behind that itchy, scratchy feeling of casual sweaters from yesteryear. Designed to pair well with our modernized jackets, our sweaters offer all the color and style required to keep your unique fashion sense from becoming stale; every sweater can be mixed and matched with nearly all of our urban jackets, and can be worn under a variety of colors and cuts.


Finalize & Accessorize: Masculine Accessories for the Modern Man

Accessories aren’t just for the women in our lives. AAURA’s generous line of accessories offers all of the pieces needed to pull your unique look together. Right off the bat, our line of belts brings smart and chic quality to your wardrobe, adding flare and functionality to your look. Looking for more on-the-go stylish performance? Our backpacks and weekend bags were designed with the mobile man in mind. Sleek, urban style meets timeless ruggedness in our line of men’s bags, and your personal style is no exception to its reach; every bag is designed to be mixed and matched with your wardrobe. With so much room and functionality, you’ll have extra space to pack all of your manly accessories in style. Ready to commit to the finest men’s wear and accessories? When you shop men’s clothing stores online, no other shop will top AAURA’s quality offerings. Add some serious style and flare to your wardrobe, all while staying cool and casual.