It's been an emotional week to say the least. First came the highs and lows of the election (no matter who you voted for its fair to say it was rough for everyone). Then yesterday it was announced that Leonard Cohen passed away. Cohen was 82 years old and his body of work spanned almost 50 years, yet his is still a profound loss for music lovers everywhere.

Instead of dwelling on the loss of Cohen though, let's look through our Vinyl collection and see who he inspired and worked with and celebrate all of their contributions to the musical framework of our culture. Wilco and Lana Del Rey have covered him,Lana Del Rey Born To Die "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" soundtracks for `50s black and white moviesWilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Earthy, moving psychedelia Eleven iridescent-country songs about surviving a blown mind and a broken heart Arcade Fire Suburbs Focuses on this quiet desperation borne of the pain of wasting your time as an adult by romanticizing the wasted time of your youth

BON IVER For Emma Forever Ago One of the all-time great breakup albums French for "good winter

Arcade Fire credits him as one of their biggest inspirations, and Bon Iver's lyrics draw comparisons to his poetry. His was named one of the 20 Best Coachella sets of all time. You'd be hard pressed to find a musician who hasn't been inspired by him.

Fashion like music is a way to enrich and sometimes escape one's surroundings, and I think this week we may need both to cheer us up. So my recommendation for today is to check out our Vinyl section for some incredible music and maybe pick up a new shirt or two while you're at it.
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