This will be the last blog post of 2016, so as we enter 2017 I think it’s only appropriate to talk about New Years Resolutions. Most people decide to give their lives an overhaul as a New Year is ushered in, but I personally find that a little too overwhelming. So let’s stick to wardrobe talk today; we’ll keep it totally manageable.


There are plenty of things that you don’t need in your closet that are just taking up space and making it harder to see things you actually might want to wear. For example, any jeans you have in your closet that don’t fit anymore, just get rid of them. If you haven’t worn them in a year you probably won’t wear them this new year either. I like to go through my old jeans and the ones that are still in good condition can be sold on eBay. Even if you no longer want to wear them, there is probably someone out there who would want to, especially if they are designer jeans. I use the money I make from selling my old jeans when I want to buy a new pair, so I feel like they are practically paying for themselves.


Do you have any items of clothing that have stains on them (whether its food stains, yellow under the arms, paint, oil spots, etc.)?  If you haven’t been able to get the stain out yet, you probably won’t be able to now, so just get rid of them. Even if you love the item, if it’s unwearable it no longer serves its purpose and is just cluttering up your closet.


Clothing that no longer fits, whether it too big or small, if you aren’t wearing it because you can’t it is time to donate the items. Someone else will probably be able to fit in it perfectly so you might as well pass it along.


When you do these things you’ll notice you will be able to see what is in your closet much better and getting dressed will be so much easier. It will also help you recognize what you are lacking in your wardrobe, and we bet you we can help you out there. So sell your old stuff and then come replace it with some of our amazing new inventory! Win-win.

Until next time…