Hopefully everyone has emerged from their post Thanksgiving food coma, and I can't believe that December is here already. Next week we will have our Aaura gift giving guide that will make buying for all of the men on your list easy, so make sure you check back next Friday.
This week though we have to talk about something important and I can't wait another second to mention it. The most important element in anyone's style is the fit of their clothing. Seriously, a man dressed in a less expensive ensemble that fits looks better than one wearing thousands of dollars in designer threads that are too big/small every day of the week. Here are some things to consider when buying clothing. Is it loose enough that you have full range of motion in your legs/arms? On a button-up shirt is the fabric pulling and gaping in between the buttons? Check for any pulling, puckering, or tightness that is distracting from your overall look.
On the other side if your clothing is too baggy it makes you look like you're borrowing clothes from someone. Also if your pants or sleeves are too long find a tailor and get them hemmed. It will make a world of a difference, and is worth every penny. Don't get hung up on the size on the clothing label. All brands sizes fit a little bit differently and no one but you will know the specific size you're wearing. People will be able to tell right away if you're wearing a size that doesn't fit though. So wear what works for you. Shopping online can be tricky because you don't get to try things on before you make a purchase. When you shop with Aaura all returns are FREE including return shipping. So you can order, try things on within the comfort of your own home and then send back whatever doesn't work. (Full return policy can be found here)
Til Next Time...Lisa