I've been on the move a lot lately. In the past seven days I've been in three different states, so when I was thinking about what to blog this week our backpacks and bags naturally were the first things to come to mind. If you've been reading the other posts you'll notice a clear theme that I am drawn to items and clothing that are functional and fashionable, and our bags are exactly that. 


These backpacks 
Woods Charcoal Backpack Multiple compartments thick cotton canvas Full leather trim
Void Bag Green Padded laptop sleeve Heavy canvas and leather are perfect for overnighters, and they make a great carry-on item. They are also just the right size to fit a laptop and bring to the office or wherever you may work if you're not the briefcase type. Another use for the backpack that some of you fathers is they make a perfect diaper bag. You can fit all of your supplies, snacks, and all other kid items and still have your hands free to wrestle your little ones. The People Like Us backpack is on my wishlist but if you're not a leather backpack type, our other styles (these and these) also look great and can fit everything you need.
Also, I think our Forgotten Many Bags are the perfect weekender bag.
Forgotten Many Bag Green perfect weekend duffle canvas and thick cowhide leatherForgotten Many Bag Green perfect weekend duffle canvas and thick cowhide leatherForgotten Many Bag Charcoal perfect weekend duffle canvas and thick cowhide leather
Seriously. They are water resistant, are within the parameters for aircraft carry-on regulations, and the combination of canvas and leather make them heavy-duty but still stylish. Let's just say I have a few people in my life that will be receiving one of these for Christmas this year.
I once saw a guy board a plane with all of his clothing (including shoes) for the weekend in two paper grocery bags, that were tearing as he tried to stuff them in the overhead bins. Don't be that guy, you're better than that I just know it.
Until next time, Lisa.