It's almost the weekend, and even though in Southern California the weather is still in the 80s, I can't help but crave cooler weather (and dressing for it!). I'm not sure how it has been for all of you but after all of the Halloween madness this weekend I am just wanting to relax and take it easy. The combination of the season and the craziness have me wanting to wear nothing but comfortable clothes.

Women talk about wanting to be cozy and there's a reason why we wear yoga pants so much, regardless of if we are actually making it to the mat that day. I haven't really noticed men mentioning it a lot, but I don't think its a coincidence that men's jogger pants are in style or that after work each day my husband changes into a t-shirt and shorts almost immediately. You guys like to be comfortable just as much as we do, and why wouldn't you?

Comfort and fit play a huge role in the pieces that we offer. We want you to look good, but also to want to wear the clothing you get from us. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that are perfect for when comfort is your priority:
This pullover-- I wish you could feel how soft it is through the computer. You won't want to take it off. AAURAeverything-SLVDR-NIGHT STORM-LS Pullover-8
This sweatshirt. You get the comfort of a sweatshirt without the bulk of one. Win-win.AAURAeverything-nANA jUDY-CELTIC ACID WASH-BLACK-SWEATSHIRT-5
This floral pullover. You read that right, a pullover with a floral print, and it's awesome. Anytime you can wear a sweatshirt and still be fashion forward it is great in my book.Tregene Arquette Floral Pullover Crew neck Contrasting chest button pocket Beautiful construction Luxury Cotton fiber
This striped pullover. The variegated stripes are a different take on the classic striped trend, and it would look great on pretty much anyone.AAURAeverything-OXFORD LABS- VARIEGATED STRIPE-Sweatshirt-10
 This crew neck. It's comfortable, classic, and perfect for layering. This is another piece that I wish you could feel because it's incredibly soft.AAURAeverything-Cullen-SKY Blue- Crew-3
Hopefully these suggestions were helpful, and that you will all be looking fashionably comfortable soon.
Until next time, Lisa