Maybe it’s the state of the world right now, or maybe its the fact that winter is in full swing, but I’m craving some simplicity. Maybe its a longing for a sense of familiarity? In my own clothing I have been drawn more than ever to simple silhouettes and comfortable fabrics. Then I checked out our sale section and it is full of amazing basic pieces, and it was like the sale section read my mind. (I know that’s not possible, but you get where I’m going with this)

We have so many t-shirts, pullovers, henleys, and a couple of long sleeved shirts at prices so low it would be a shame not to pick up a few things.

This pullover is perfect addition to a wardrobe because it can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

There are few things that I love more than when I find a shirt as comfortable as sweats that can be worn out as a normal shirt. All the benefits of wearing your sweats all day without feeling like you’ve given up and are actually wearing your sweats all day.

Also guys, do you know that a baseball shirt like this one will never go out of style?

Seriously, you can buy it now for $18 and you will be able to wear it until it wears out because the style isn’t going anywhere. You can wear it with pretty much anything you would wear a plain t-shirt with, but it looks a little bit more fashion forward and like it took a little bit more effort than a plain white T.

Another way to add a little something extra to your basic pieces is to buy one of them in an unexpected color.  This oxblood henley is a totally familiar silhouette but by making it out of a richer color than a standard black or white it adds a little bit extra to your look.

Also, oxblood looks amazing paired with denim, tan, and black, so wearing it with pants/shorts you already have should be a breeze.

Happy shopping everyone!

Until next time,