With so many of our watches on sale right now, it seems fitting to have a blog post about them. Watches for men are a great way to add an extra element of style to a look without having to think about it. Gone are the days of the giant statement watches and time pieces, and I for one am relieved. Wearing big flashy watches has always come across to me as trying too hard. Of course there are exceptions to this, there have been a few of the larger size watches that I have liked, but for the most part they are too much.

The other risk you run when you buy more trendy styles of watches is they will go out of style, and can make your outfit look dated. The watches we carry are versatile, classic, and can be worn with pretty much any combination of clothing.

Breda-Rand Gold Crown 1You can't go wrong with the BredaRand Black and Gold, and I love the combination of the Navy and GoldSlate Gold 4-2 as well as the Green and Black.BREDA-Randj-Black-Green-Watch-Front Those are just personal preference though, because you can wear pretty much any of the watches we have with almost anything on our website or in your closet.
We have already sold out of one style, and I wouldn't be surprised if the other ones move quickly at these sale prices too. There are a lot of bad time-related puns I can make about these watches, but I'll spare you in the hopes that you'll come back to check out the blog again next week.
Until then...Lisa