For women, the transitional look is easy to come by as many cute dresses are appropriate for both work and play. A woman, for example, may wear a little black dress with a casual pair of sneakers during the workday and swap her shoes to a pair of daring stilettos for a formal dinner or night on the town afterwards. Men, on the other hand, are often expected to sport slacks and ties for more formal events and may spend entire days uncomfortably dressed up just for one hour of professional or formal mingling later that evening. Next time you need a piece for an easy transition from casual to formal, consider a knit sweater. Here at AAURA Everything, your top choice for online shopping for men, we love knitwear. 

Knit Sweaters Make Excellent Transitional Pieces


Transition From Casual to Formal

Of course, we don’t recommend a knit sweater for your best friend’s wedding or for a job interview, but there are plenty of more formal gatherings that don’t necessitate the entire slack and tie look. My family, for instance, blatantly accepts denim as formal attire so long as no T-shirts are involved. Next time you need a look that can easily transition from casual to formal, try a pair of dark-wash jeans and a knit sweater. Dark-wash jeans that are free of holes, fray, and thinning knees and that fit properly, meaning they aren’t too short, tight, loose, or baggy, are becoming increasingly acceptable in professional and formal settings, and a nice knit sweater is a great option to go with them. Knit sweaters provide a comfortable look that is both casual and ready to transition for more formal functions.  


Check out this knit sweater by Handsome Me, an innovative Australian label offering a brand that celebrates travel and fashion. The darker color of this sweater paired with the soft, mohair material make this a great option for a casual-to-formal transitional piece.


If you’re more of the button-up sweater type, check out this acid wash cardigan by Southern California’s Rose Pistol, a brand that captures the easygoing nature of Huntington Beach. This lighter-colored knit sweater offers a more athletic fit and also makes a great piece for transitioning from casual to formal.   

Transition From Fall into Winter

Casual to formal isn’t the only transition your wardrobe must make on a regular basis. It’s also important to have plenty of pieces in your closet that can transition easily from fall to winter. The autumn and winter seasons (depending on where you live, of course) are commonly those of layers, and what better garment to layer with than a comfortable knit sweater? Other types of pullovers, such as hoodies and other sweatshirts, may not be appropriate for your workday, and blazers and like jackets can be uncomfortable, but a knit sweater always strikes the perfect casual-formal balance for a day that can’t quite decide whether it wants to be warm or cool.

Shop Knit Sweaters at AAURA Everything

When you do your online shopping for men here at AAURA Everything, you’ll find a wide variety of knit sweaters as well as many other pieces that are good for transitioning. Have you received your sweater or other garment from us, but the size just isn’t quite right? Don’t worry! Here at AAURA, we offer free shipping, which includes free returns and return shipping. We want you to LOVE your AAURA finds, not struggle with fit. If your AAURA garment doesn’t fit correctly, just ship it back within 30 days, and we’ll reimburse everything! Happy Shopping!